Arisesoft Shell Pack

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Shell Pack contain components: TShellTree, TShellList and powerfull demo. It is complete solution for extending any kind of application with File Manager functionality. Are realized all features of Windows Shell: OLE drag and drop, info tips, context menu and hints, auto complete edit, notification of files, clipboard and shell events (undocumented API). Other features include:


Version: 1.0
Size of archive: 275 KB
Release date: 2001-11-07


*PLEASE NOTE* Before making any bug reports please first verify you are using the latest version by checking our home page. And if you do report a bug, please, if applicable, include a code sample.

We cannot support modified versions of this code. So if you encounter a possible bug while using a modified version, always first revert back to the original code before making an attempt to contact us.

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